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Meeting Minutes

AFOA Meeting Minutes
from Kim Tigar
April 27, 2010 

The AFOA meeting was held in the meeting room at Earth Fare in the Westgate Shopping Plaza in Asheville, NC.  There were 19 people in attendance.
Kim Mannine, facilitator opened the meeting at 7:03 pm by announcing the coming month's quest speakers:  Kelly Hunter in May and Benjamin Bernstein in June.  July has not been scheduled yet so several options will be presented to the group for a vote.  If you have any suggestions please e-mail them to Kim Mannine so they can be presented on the ballot.
Marilyn Roadham announced that the first study group was a success and graciously offered her home for the next study group meeting.  The next study group has not been scheduled at this time.  Contact Marilyn at marilynastro@aol.com  for further details or she can be reached by phone at 828-683-8629.
Tracey Pacelli also announced an upcoming event on June 15 at 7:00 pm that she will be hosting in her home.  A personal friend of Tracey's, Deborah Hand who happens to be a very gifted psychic will be offering readings for $35.00 where everyone will get three questions answered, as well as teaching others how to get in touch with their own psychic abilities.  Contact Tracey at pacelli2@charter.net if you are interested in attending or you can call Tracey at 828-645-0249 for more information.

Kim then introduced the guest speaker, Gary Caton.  Gary's topic was "Goddess Astrology: Transformation via the Sacred Feminine."  Some interesting information from this presentation:

-Transformation means to go beyond the current organizing principles, to literally or figuratively change worlds
-Venus and Mercury become invisible twice in their synodic cycle and journey to the underworld
-The asteroids in transformation dwell in the "void" between personal and social planets
-The process of transformation is a 3 step process that begins with:

Ceres --- that creates an "Awakening to the Possibility", then

Vesta -- Discipline and Training -- requires exposure to extreme, periods of isolation, death and compression of the old self, purgation and purification.  One door must close for another to open, -

Pallas -- Culmination -- after the breakdown the compressed state is released!  This is the heroic stage, and creates a personal vision.  Culmination, Illumination and Apotheosis.  You ask for and receive spiritual protection.

Juno -- Return and Contribution -- created a "sacred marriage" between conscious and unconscious.  The wholeness from the journey and unity with God is an elixir.  Time to give back, return, and offer healing to others.
The most important aspects are the transiting asteroids in aspect to the Sun, Moon, Asc., Mercury, Venus and Ceres.

-Gary provided charts of many artists who participated in the "Summer of Love" 6/16/67 - 6/18/67 and "Woodstock" 8/16/67 - 8/18/67 to illustrate the effects of the transiting asteroids.  The artists included Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Pete Townshend, Alan Wilson, Carlos Santana, Sly and the Family Stone, Joe Cocker, Alvin Lee, CSN&Y and Joni Mitchell.
For further details on this topic go to Gary Caton's website at www.dreamastrologer.com.  The entire presentation given by Gary at the NCGR conference on 2/27/10 may be purchased through NCGR.
The meeting adjourned at 9:00 pm.


AFOA Meeting Minutes
from Kim Tigar

-The AFOA meeting began at 7:02 pm and was held at Earth Fare - Westgate Shopping Plaza in Asheville, NC.  There were 23 people in attendance.

-The meeting was opened by Benjamin Bernstein, filling in for Kim Mannine, AFOA Facilitator, who was on vacation.  He announced that the guest speaker for July had cancelled, due to illness and asked the attendees for suggestions on an alternate speaker or topic. The attendees were given the following options:
1.  A Chart Party
2.  A presentation by Benjamin Bernstein on ”Solar Returns”
3.  A presentation by Gary Caton on ” The Saturn/Uranus Oppostion”
The AFOA members will be asked to vote via e-mail for their prefernece.

-Gary Caton also spoke briefly about the benefits of becoming a member of AFAN and NCGR, which include a scholarship to ISAR.  Contact Gary for details. 

-Benjamin also suggested the web site www.astrodispatch.com for anyone interested in getting an astrological article published on the web.

-Benjamin then introduced the guest speaker, Julian Venables, who presented his topic “A Journey to Antares - the Heart of the Scorpion”.
Among the points Julian made were:

-Antares - a persian Royal Star called “The Watcher of the West”
-It is a fiery red star and has Scorpio at the heart
-Antares is 600 million miles in diameter and is located 500 light years from Earth
-Antares is most visible on May 31st of any given year.
-In 2009, Antares resides at 9 degrees 54 minutes Sagittarius.
-Antares shows up in the natal chart with any planet that makes a conjunction within a 3 degree orb.  Antares energy intensifies passion, obsession, discord, headstrong self-destruction through obstinance, strategic ability and a daredevil attitude.  It can also indicate great success through ruthless obsession, but a crash or fall from grace occurs.  An ability to go to extremes, seeking intensity.  Those with a strong Antares influence continually put themselves to the test, honing skills through the fires of experience.

-Julian explained Antares conjunctions with all of the planets and utilized celebrity charts to provide examples. Some of the celebrity charts included Brittany Spears, Winston Churchill, Mark Spitz, Whoopi Goldberg, Abraham Lincoln, Kate Moss, Nostradamus and Farrah Fawcett.  He also included charts of nuclear events and disasters to illustrate the influences of Antares' power.

-For further details concerning Antares and the other Royal Stars, check out Julian's web site at julianvenables.com

-The meeting was adjourned at 9:00pm