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The Asheville Friends of Astrology meets on the third Monday of each month at Earth Fare Westgate, 66 Westgate Parkway, Asheville, NC 28806 (Westgate Shopping Center). All meetings are free, and everyone is welcome!

Monday, May 19, 2014
7-9 pm

 Kathleen Cantwell

A Second Look at Ceres

In 2006, science suddenly made Ceres important, just as important as Pluto. As astrologers, we all know that only a fool would ignore the potency of Pluto, and its recent demotion hasn't taken the wallop out of a Pluto transit.

So is Ceres now an equal cosmic heavy? Seems unlikely, even if one only considers the shortness of its cycles. On the other hand, green is in and oil may be on its way out.

Why this emphasis on Ceres now? Does Ceres really have a new or more important part to play in life on earth? It's time to re-examine Ceres' role in society and our individual lives.

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